Top locations to sell property in the UK

04 Sep 2020

The top two locations to sell property in the UK right now are Bradford and Sheffield. 

Sheffield currently stands as the best place in England and Wales to sell a home, with sellers claiming 99.2% of their original asking price over the past twelve months.
Bradford comes in closely at second place, where sellers achieved 98.6% of the asking price over the same period.

The average price of a house on sale stood at £185,042 and £59,061 in Sheffield and Bradford, respectively. According to research by, Bradford is home to some of the lowest house prices on average. 

On a national scale home sellers manage to get 95.8% of the asking price over the past year, with the average property selling for £13,303 below the original asking price of £319,789.

In Kensington and Chelsea, which are traditionally more expensive locations with the average asking price at £1,274,175, homes were selling at 93.1% of their original asking price – a gap of only £87,408. 

Founder of, Colby Short, said: “It’s been a pretty turbulent time for buyers and sellers across the property market over the last year, in particular. For those home sellers that did brave it and decided to sell, the vast majority have managed to secure a very good percentage of asking price.

“Even in the worst-performing areas, 92 per cent is no kick in the teeth and demonstrates that even in much tougher periods property is still a very stable investment.

“With buyer demand now flooding the market, the pendulum should shift back towards the seller and we should see the asking price achieved breach the 100% mark in a number of areas once again.”

The housing market has shocked many after the lockdown period – experiencing a sudden rebound which is so far sustained, as house prices soared to record highs in August and demand surged.