North would benefit from hi-tech home building

30 Oct 2019

The British Minister for Housing and Planning, Esther McVey stated that 6 councils will be receiving £38 million funding in order to increase the pace of home building. 

Despite the majority of the councils benefitting from the funding are in the south, McVey announced that she wants to see more factories constructing prefabricated houses in the North of England. The £38 million will be given to 4 councils in the south and 2 in the north. 

Speaking at Factory 2050, the University of Sheffield's advanced manufacturing research centre, the Minister for Housing explained that if northern cities invest in modular housing, the industry would be pushed towards having a worth of £40 billion, after Brexit is completed. In addition, Silicon Valley could be aided by the country’s hi-tech manufacturing.  McVey explained that she wants a “housing green revolution in the North of England.” 

However, the northern cities will benefit from a more modern construction industry, according to McVey, which would help the “next generation realise the dream of home-ownership.” She said, “The benefits are clear - some modular homes can be built in a factory over a week and assembled on site in a day." 

McVey elaborated to say that the modular building industry will also create more opportunities and “skilled, high-quality jobs for life.” 

“With our emphasis on safety, quality and beauty, we could be the global leaders in housing standards. "And, if we get it right, once the industry matures it could be worth an estimated £40 billion to this country. A new post-Brexit industry."

The councils that will receive the funding are Hull City Council and Cheshire West and Chester Council from the north and the south west’s North Somerset Council and Bristol City Council. Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council and Hastings Borough Council from the south coast will also get a share from the sum.