Birmingham top locality for property regeneration

30 Jan 2020

BirminghamAccording to the latest research, Birmingham has been listed as the Council area with the most opportunities for property regeneration.

Glide, a UK-based fire broadband specialist conducted a number of FOI requests to various local councils in order to find the number of empty residential and commercial properties across Britain.

Grouping both categories of building, there were 617,527 recorded empty dwellings across the UK during the month of September last year.

Of all councils surveyed, Birmingham was found to be the leading Council area with the highest potential for investment in empty properties. Across the city’s centre and its suburbs, 8,086 homes were found vacant while 7,622 commercial properties were empty.

Ranking second after Birmingham was Liverpool, with 15,339 currently vacated buildings, while regions across the north of the UK, including Manchester, Leeds and Bradford, also ranked amongst the top.

Bradford boasted the highest number of empty commercial properties, with 7.908 offices currently not in use, meaning that 4.5% of all empty commercial buildings in Britain are located in that Council area. 

Birmingham is home to the second highest number of empty commercial properties at 7,622, followed Leeds and Liverpool with 4,528 and 4,266, respectively. 

The FOI requests revealed that the total number of empty business offices across the UK is 172,217, hinting at a massive potential for property investment, especially in cities and regions which have been most impacted by recent financial turmoil due to political uncertainty. 

Liverpool is home to the highest number of empty residential properties (11,073), with the total number of vacated dwellings across all of the UK standing at 448,246. The top five cities with empty homes make up 10% of that total. 

Head of Residential at Glide, Jason Lloyd says: “The research has revealed the high number of empty properties and businesses across the UK, particularly across some of the major northern Council areas. 

“But whilst it is troubling to see so much wasted residential and commercial space, it does represent a clear opportunity for developers, and hopefully this study will help prospective investors pinpoint where there is the most potential for growth."