Big potential in North of England and Midlands investment

31 Oct 2019

The North of England and the East Midlands are expected to offer the most opportunities for development, as the both areas are marked by commercial landlords for the next 2 years. 

Research carried out indicated that the best areas for investment are North of England and the East Midlands, with the majority stating that the East Midlands is the greatest option to invest in. Whilst 39% saw the latter region as the number 1 spot, 37% consider the North East and North West at the ideal investment region. The West Midlands were chosen by 27%. 

Commercial landlords came to such conclusions as several projects are being planned by the UK Government. The initiatives will be trying to increase the economy in the areas, with 47% stating that the Northern Powerhouse has convinced them to invest in the North, whereas the Midlands Engine initiative is being pushed by 40%.  

The national panel of commercial landlords were contacted and held talks in order to highlight the country‚Äôs economic confidence. The results conveyed over 2 from every 5 are looking to continue to invest in the Midlands region. Moreover, 40% are seeking a bigger move to take advantage of opportunities in the North of England over the next 2 years. 

Additionally, the research suggested that flats and offices would be the strongest sectors to invest in.